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Mar 30 2012

Hrithik Roshan Shirtless Bollywood Star

Hrithik Roshan is one of the most famous Bollywood male actors of all time.  Lucky for us, he appears shirtless quite a bit, so we get to look at his sexy body.

Aug 02 2011

Arya Babbar Shirtless Indian Actor

Arya Babbar

Arya Babbar is one of our favorite Indian actors and Bollywood celebs.  He has a perfect body and a nice hairy chest.  He’s also a very accomplished actor and has done some major films.

Apr 11 2011

Akshay Kumar Shirtless and Hairy

Akshay Kumar, the shirtless and hairy Indian stud above got his start in action films.  He did all of his own stunts and earned a reputation as being the ‘Jackie Chan’ of India.  Later, he starred in several comedies.

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Oct 29 2010

Ankur Nayyar Shirtless

Ankur Nayyar shirtless and showing off that hairy chest.  The sexy actor from Mumbai, India got started doing commercials for some big name companies.  Later he became famous for his work on different television shows.

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